Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Link of the month - Juristisches Internetprojekt Saarbruecken

This link is not new but still good, it is actually one of the oldest and most reliable web sites in the German legal research arena - the Juristisches Internetprojekt Saarbruecken. It started out in 1993 as a project in Professor Herberger's Legal Information Science class, and has since developed to a platform with a variety of tabs to different international and European legal sources. Especially to have links to decisions from the European Courts, the French and the German courts all on one site makes it very handy. Only disadvantage, the web site is mainly in German with some content in French and English.

Private Limited Companies Act in Germany reformed

Since May 2006 the federal legislator had been working hard to modernise the Law Governing Private Limited Companies and to Combat Abuses (AMPrLCCA). After going the way all bills go on the Committee on Legal Affairs of the German Federal Parliament in January 2008 conducted a public hearing of experts concerning the reform of private limited companies. Further steps were taken and the Act entered into force on November 1st 2008.

More information about the Act is available in German and a law journal article by Matthias Casper in English.