Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Legal Services Act in Force in Germany

On 1 July 2008, the Legal Services Act (Rechtsberatungsgesetz - RDG) came into force in the framework of a fundamental reform. This new law replaced the Law on Legal Counseling (RBerG), and, on the basis of a new act on reform of legal counseling, the Law on Legal Counseling ceased to have effect on that same day. The declared goal of the Legal Services Act is to protect those seeking legal recourse whilst encouraging civic engagement in the field of legal counseling through liberalization.


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Winston1984Smith said...

The old Legal Advice Act dates from 13th December 1935, a point which is written out of your piece.
This law totally took control of legal services in Germany for the Hitler regime, making sure that no one could challenge the Nazi's through the courts. It was also reponsible for totally barring Jews from giving legal advice and all of their lawyers were struck of by it, not in 1938 as seems to be the new history.

Saskia said...

You are absolutely correct with your reference to the old legal advice act, which was the first act that regulated the entry into the profession making it more perfidious.
Btw 1933 and not 1938 was the beginning of the so called "Gleichschaltung".

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